Okay I am finally blogging (again)

...and this time I'm kind of serious


If this mail landed in your inbox, then it means that you were subscribed to my previous blog called 'The Perceptron'. It was published a little over two years ago. Of late, I have been realizing that it is high time to let go of the initial dopamine of launching a blog so many years ago and actually start writing something substantial regularly.

Hence, here I stand at yet another starting line, making a public promise to keep writing again. I do not yet know how frequent I would be. Fortnightly sounds like a good place to start to maintain quality and get feedback fast but I am aiming to eventually write once a month.

You can expect the first few blog posts to be about etymology and some deep dives into languages. Partly because it is something that I have a keen interest in and I find myself being a simp over the etymology of any new word that I discover or re-discover. Partly because I have been micro-blogging about this elsewhere and people seem to like it.

My day job (now and probably also in the future) requires me to be conversational with at least some level of technology knowledge and it is something that I really enjoy learning and working with. So it would not be preposterous to say that some of that may also leak into my writings here. You may even go so far as to call me "just another tech bro with weird interests" and even if I don't like that particular term, I won't mind you.

Before concluding this, I would like to tell you how I got into etymology since that would be something you'll be seeing here more often now. A man named Dhruv Raj Sharma from Logophilia visited my boarding school where I was preparing for JEE. There, he was going to give two very excellent sessions on the logic of English words and pronunciation. I would have totally skipped attending these talks if it were not for our strict hostel warden who made sure none of us missed it. I was reluctant to go at first but later on, I was so pleased to have attended it. Years later, during the pandemic, I reconnected with Dhruv and the team at Logophilia and participated in four of their workshops on English Words, Etymology, and some Greek and Latin. I had the intention of improving my vocabulary for the GRE exam, and even though I ended up giving away the thought of going abroad for studies, all that I studied here stayed with me. I am thankful to Dhruv for imbibing the curiosity to learn and seek knowledge about so much of the stuff around us through words. It unlocks something beautiful about this world for me every so often.

By the way, if you are interested, this man Dhruv also puts out quite interesting content on Instagram and that would be something for you to check out if you want a taste of what learning some really good etymology looks like.

Having said that, the first post of this blog will be live at some random time tomorrow (2023/10/08) between noon and evening IST, so stay on the lookout for it in your inboxes.

Also, if you don't know me, and yet have been reading these ramblings for the last few minutes, you can read some more of that on my about page.

If this was not what you subscribed for, you can find that unsubscribe button somewhere below. I won't take it personally if we part ways here.

Stay tuned and take care,


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