yo, who dis?

I think therefore
I am Pushkar and I am a four-time blog founder. This is my fifth blog, so you know you are reading words straight from an expert.

I believe in minimalism. So in any of my blogs before, I have never managed to write more than a single post.

This prior information makes me believe that I can write more this time.

A lot of stuff fascinates me. Among them, I would focus more on the stuff that I can articulate better, in the hope that people actually read what I have to say and not merely subscribe here because I asked them to do so in their DMs (Yes, I sometimes do this).

For the most part, you can expect posts about Tech, Maths, Languages, Cultures and maybe some Indian pop culture references. Many of these would be backed by data because I like the way Andrew Huberman does it (big fan) but many others would be just plain old observations and opinions because I am too lazy to back everything with data.

So I invite you, my dear reader, on this journey with me to my fifth blogging venture that would one day lead me to an interview with Lex Fridman before he even gets the audacity to block me.

You can also find me:

You'll find the usual pre-filled fluffy copy below that perhaps I'll leave for cleaning some day later...

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